About Us

Wayne HuffmanA native of Clarksburg, West Virginia, Wayne Huffman got his start in the construction business in 1975 as an equipment operator, mechanic working on various types of heavy construction equipment. He worked along side with his father in their family owned business. After working thirteen years for the family excavating business, Huffman Corporation was formed in February, 1987. Wayne has been the President since the year 2000.

Experienced construction individual familiar with all phases of construction activities in both residential and commercial building. Through involvement with family-owned construction business from childhood, he has obtained a unique perspective of all aspects of operational activity as both employee and employer. Thoroughly schooled in areas of financing and management of the construction industry by family members and, combined with formal education in business management, allows for effective and comprehensive management of the corporation.

Wayne is married to Cheryl Hatton-Huffman and has two sons.

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