Services: Design / Build

Design / Build is a delivery system which provides a comprehensive "turn-key" approach to construction projects. As a Design / Build Contractor, HUFFMAN CORPORATION assumes complete responsibility for the design as well as the construction. We combine the best aspects of design, construction management, and general contracting to bring the project from conception to completion as soon as possible and within the Owner's budget.

One of the major advantages of the Design / Build delivery system is single source responsibility. The result is simplification of the communication process, and relief for the Owner from tedious details.

To begin the Design / Build process, we select, with the Owner's input the Architect/Designer most qualified for the project. Then, we oversee the design work from start to finish according to the Owner's requirements. Please note that HUFFMAN CORPORATION does not do design work with in-house personnel.

The construction and design are closely coordinated in the Design / Build method, long before ground is broken. The design and construction phases are brought into harmony with each other through HUFFMAN CORPORATION'S management staff who understand and participate in both phases. Our construction team will help select the construction methods, materials and systems that ensure faithfulness to the Architect's design yet provide the maximum value in construction quality and price.

All planning consistently reflects the Owner's needs and budget. One valuable option available to the Design / Build method is guaranteed maximum price for the total cost of design and construction.