Services: Construction Management

Construction Management, as a project delivery system, relies heavily on a Team Effort. The construction manager is brought on board at the earliest possible stage to lend expertise in the areas of project management, cost control, estimating, scheduling, value engineering, and for evaluating alternate design solutions to problems. The secret to construction management is the team working together. The team relies on the expertise of the individual members and decision are jointly made with the Owner having the final decision. We have had a great deal of experience and success with this method and feel there is potential for application of some degree of the construction management team approach for a wide variety of projects.


Consultation During Project Development: Schedule and attend regular meeting with the Architect/Engineer during the development of conceptual and preliminary design to advise on site use and improvements, selection of materials, building systems, and equipment. Provide recommendation on construction feasibility, availability of material and labor, time requirements for installation and construction, and factors related to cost including cost of alternative designs of material, preliminary budgets, and possible economies.

Scheduling: Develop a Project Time Schedule that coordinates and integrates the Architect/Engineer's design efforts with construction schedules. Update the Project Time Schedule incorporating a detailed schedule for the construction operations of the Project, including realistic activity sequences and duration, allocation of labor and material, processing of shop drawings and samples, and delivery of projects requiring long lead time procurement. Based on observations and information received from the Architect/Engineer, monitor the schedule reporting any variation to the Owner. Include Owner's occupancy requirements showing portions of the Project having occupancy priority.

Project Construction Budget: Prepare a Project Budget as soon as major project requirements have been identified and update based on a quantity survey of Drawings and Specifications at the end of the schematic design phase, including fees and Owner's costs if required, for approval by Owner as the Project Construction Budget.

Coordination of Contract Documents: Review the Drawings and Specification as they are being prepared, recommending alternative solutions whenever design details affect construction feasibility or schedules without, however, assuming any of the Architect/Engineer's responsibilities for design. Develop a system of recording document progress and changes thought out the design stage.

Construction Planning: Recommend for purchase and expedite the procurement of long-lead items to ensure their delivery by the required dates.

Make recommendation to Owner and the Architect/Engineer regarding the division of work in the Drawings and Specification to facilitate the biding and awarding of Trade Contracts, allowing for phased construction taking into consideration such factors as time of performance, availability of labor, overlapping trade jurisdictions, and provision for temporary facilities.

Develop Trade Contractor interest in the Project. Develop potential bidder list and pre-qualification procedure if required. Investigate and maintain a continuing dialogue with local labor and contractor organizations. Conduct pre-bid, pre-award, and pre-construction conferences as appropriate. As working Drawings and specification are completed, take competitive bids on the work of the various Trade Contractors. After analyzing the bids, either award contracts or recommend to Owner that such contract be awarded.

Equal Employment Opportunity: Determine applicable requirement for equal employment opportunity programs for inclusion in Project bidding documents. Develop a program to inform minority bidders of bid packages.


Project Control: Monitor the work of the Trade Contractors and coordinate the work with the activities and responsibilities of Owner, Architect/Engineer, and HUFFMAN CORPORATION to complete the Project in accordance with Owner's objective of cost, time and quality.

Maintain a competent full time staff at the Project site to coordinate, control and direct the work and progress of the Trade Contractors on the Projects.

Establish on-site organization and lines of authority to order to carry out the overall plans of the construction team.

Establish procedures for coordination among Owner, Architect/Engineer, Trade Contractors and HUFFMAN CORPORATION with respect to all aspects of the Project and implement such procedures.

Schedule and conduct progress meetings at which Trade Contractors, Owner, Architect/Engineer, and HUFFMAN CORPORATION can discuss jointly such matters as procedures, progress, problems and scheduling. Take minutes and distribute to all appropriate parties.

Provide regular monitoring of the schedule as construction progresses. Identify potential variance between scheduled and probable completion dates. Review schedule for work not started or incomplete and recommend to Owner and Trade Contractors adjustments in the schedule to meet the completion date. Provide summary reports to each monitoring and document all changes in schedule.

Determine the adequacy of the Trade Contractor's personnel and equipment and the availability of materials and supplies to meet the schedule. Recommend courses of action to Owner when requirements of a Trade Contract are not being met.

Cost Control: Develop and monitor an effective system of Project Cost Control. Revise and refine the initially approved Project Construction Budget, incorporate approved changes as they occur, variances between actual and budgeted or estimated costs, and advise Owner and Architect/Engineer whenever project cost exceeds budgets or estimates.

Maintain cost account records on authorized work performed under costs, actual costs for labor and materials, or other bases requiring account records. Afford Owner access to these records and preserve them for a period of three (3) years after final payment.

Change Orders: Develop and implement a system for the preparation, review and processing for Bulletins, Field Orders and Change Orders. Recommend necessary or desirable changes to Owner and the Architect/Engineer, review any request for changes, submit recommendation to Owner and the Architect/Engineer, and assist in negotiating Change Orders. Keep the Owner informed of the time and cost implication of all changes.

Payments to Trade Contractor: Develop and implement a procedure for the review, processing and payment of application by Trade Contractors for progress and final payments.

Permits and Fees: Assist Owner and Architect/Engineer in obtaining all building permits and special permits for permanent improvements, excluding permit for inspection or temporary facilities required to be obtained directly by the various Trade Contractors. Assist in obtaining approvals from all authorities having jurisdiction.

Owner's Consultants: If required, assist Owner in selection and retaining professional services of a surveyor, testing laboratories, and special consultants and

Labor Relation: Develop a policy of fair, just and responsible labor relations ensuring that contractors are aware of decisions and agreements which effect area labor practice. Maintain a continuous dialogue with contractor associations in labor organizations to seek harmonious relations through informed open communication.

Inspection: Observe the work of Trade Contractors for defects and deficiencies in the work without assuming any of the Architect/Engineer's responsibilities for inspection. Develop quality control programs with the Architect/Engineer. Notify Trade Contractors of deficiencies and follow through to ensure the corrections are made in a timely manner. Review the safety programs of each of the Trade Contractors and make appropriate recommendation. In making such recommendations and carrying out such reviews, he shall not be required to make exhaustive or continuous inspection to check safety precautions and programs in connection with the Project. The performance of such services by HUFFMAN CORPORATION shall not relieve the Trade Contractors of their responsibilities for the safety of persons and property, and for compliance with all federal, state and local statues, rules, regulation an orders applicable to the conduct of the work. Cooperate fully with all OSHA reviews.

Document Interpretation: Refer all question for interpretation of the documents and prepared by the Architect/Engineer to the Architect/Engineer. Inform Owner if the interpretation has cost, progress or claim implication.

Shop Drawings and Samples: In collaboration with the Architect/Engineer, establish and implement procedures for expediting the processing and approval of shop drawings and samples.

Reports and Project Site Documents: Record the progress of the Project. Submit written progress reports to Owner and the Architect/Engineer including information on the Trade Contractor's work, and the percentage of completion. Keep a daily log available to Owner and the Architect/Engineer. Maintain a properly documented photo log to record job progress or highlight problem conditions.

Maintain at the Project Site on a current basis: Maintain at the project site, on a current basis, a record copy of all Contracts, Drawings, Specifications, Addenda, Change Orders and other modification, all in good order. Monitor contractors to determine that they are maintaining the As-Builts Drawings required by their contracts, and upon completion of their contracts, will collect these drawings and transmit them to the Owner. Maintain, in a similar manner, shop drawings, project data, samples, submittals, purchases, material, equipment, applicable handbooks, operating and maintenance manuals and instructions, other related document and revisions which arise out of the contracts or work. Maintain records of principle building layout lines, elevations of the bottoms of footings, floor levels, and key site elevations. At the completion of the project, deliver all such records to the owner.

Substantial Completion: With the Architect, determine substantial completion of the work or designated portions thereof and prepare a list of incomplete or unsatisfactory items, establish a schedule for their completion, and coordinate correction and completion of the work.

Start Up: With Owner's maintenance personnel, direct the checkout of utilities, operations systems and equipment for readiness, and assist in their start-up and testing by the Trade Contractors.

Final Completion: Determine final completion and provide written notice to Owner and Architect/Engineer that the work is ready for final inspection. Secure and transmit to the Architect/Engineer required guarantees, affidavits, release, bonds and waivers. Turn over to Owner all keys, manuals, records, drawings and maintenance stocks.

Warranty: When contractors do not respond to Owner contact, assist in seeing that warranty work is carried out.

Additional Services: If requested, provide: -Services related to investigation, appraisals or evaluation of existing conditions, facilities, or equipment; -Services related to Owner furnished/Owner installed equipment, furniture and equipment; -All services related to procurement and delivery of Owner furnished, Contractor installed, equipment, including management of warranty work on this equipment other than that due to faulty installation, services for tenant or rental spaces; -Services related to maintenance of the completed facility, obtaining or training maintenance personnel, or negotiating maintenance service contract.